Hello Second Life!

Welcome to my first blog page where I will be showcasing the things that I make for my store and also any other things of interest.  So what is it that I sell?  Well, for those that don’t know, I sell prim boobs and clothing that I make to fit them. There are some women in SL, I being one of them,  that prefer boobs that are much bigger than what the standard avatar provides and I, along with others, make boobs that a person can attach and wear. In earlier times there wasn’t much of a fashion option for women with larger busts, but as the trend evolved more and more people started making clothing to fit.  I must say that I’m very grateful to have been one of those early few that helped to get the ball rolling towards what is now a much bigger movement.

The main purpose of this blog will be of course to show my work , in particular anything related to the ICON “Bra Busters”. I don’t particularly like calling them “implants” because I like to think of them as 100% natural. The Idea being that it’s a package of supplements that you’d take which makes your boobs get really really HUGE.  Outside of that I may post up other tidbits of things here and there including any project I maaaaaay be working on or ideas floating in my head. etc etc etc and etc, I’ll see.