So I’ve created my very first Ad for my store yaaay!  I’ve submitted to BUSTed magazine and it should be showing up in the next edition if all goes well.  I tried to go with that sort of stylish magazine look with very simple text placement. Big hugs to my bestie Annah DeCuir (Annah.DeCuir) for the slogan and helping me with image touch up! A huge thank you also goes to Kyria Sewell (Kyria.Lisle) for being my model for this and dealing with my pickiness lol.   Originally I was going to go with the “typical” model shot but I saw this one and felt it was more balanced. She looked like she was having fun and showing personality! Not just standing there like “oh look at me I’m so hot with big boobs”. She’s confident, she’s carefree, and is proud of her large bust. I think that’s a nice positive image to portray, no? Anyways, I’m sure I’ll be doing more of these so stay tuned.