Hotel Chelsea

Ok so I’ll be honest, my favorite types of environments in SL are cities and beaches.  What can I say I’m a city girl, child of the Big Apple.  So when I come across well made city sims I get to exploring. It just so happened that my bestie Annah happened to be living near this awesome sim called Chelsea Hotel. It’s a NYC sim. So my camera is zooming all around the place from her apt and I see a police car, ambulance, subway, and SL railroad. I finally just grab her and say “Let’s go explore!”

So we’re wandering around and actually find the hotel (looking at a sim in fly cam is so different from walking), and police car, etc.  So now I’m thinking I want pics!!! I throw on my sexy cop and sexy nurse outfits and start shooting.  Naturally SL feels like being a pain in the butt as usual and was making us decide be tween my boobs or the car! But we wrestled it into submission! Then to add to the challenge there is this crazy bus zooming around that drives up on the side walk and stops right in the shot!  Thank goodness for phantom as it ran over us numerous times for the time we were there. Either way, here are two shots from the sim.

Damned hoodlums
Where does it hurt?

So after a while of camera mischief (including me dancing on top the police car), one of the sim managers come out. I’m thinking to myself “oh boy she’s gonna kick me out either because of my chest or cause I’m posing with a hand gun.”  So when she asks me to pose for a picture I was pleasantly surprised! And here is the pic in the sim’s Facebook blog! XD Awesome!!
(you need a Facebook account to login BUT you don’t have to join the group to see it)

A fun time indeed.