New Version Out

And so it’s official, I have released version 8 of my prim boobs.¬† The overall functions have mostly stayed the same but a few new things should make for some fun and extra functionality. The biggest of the additions is that they now support offsets. Huge thanks to Jennifur Vultee for explaining what that was all about. So hopefully this will make things a bit easier for clothing designers to make tops.

Another added feature is the ability for other objects to control the growth. Be it hud, or device or what ever.¬† I do plan on making something to play with this feature¬† just for fun …. I ‘ll think about it. Mean time I do believe Juggernutz Ivanovic has something that may work as well.

I’ve also changed the coloring system. No more having to click on certain layers to then have to wear the according color changer. That seemed to have caused confusion with a lot of people. NOW….. just wear the color changer you want and it will change which ever layer it’s for.
And on that note, now if a color changer is already the color you want… just click it to apply it’s color. If you change it’s color it will still change the according layer as before.

Now I’ll admit I’m not a scripting guru like many of the other creators but I have managed to cut down on scripts significantly. According to my SL bathroom scale my attempt to help SL lag seems to have worked (it measures script memory, and yes it looks like a bathroom scale).

So last step is to update the template kit with the new clothing cards so makers can make use of the offset function. That will be out shortly.

Thank you all for being so patient with me and I hope this adds to your SL fun.