New Outfit: Magewear


I am both extremely happy and super relieved that I was able to make this, YAY! West Gate is the first of a series of outfits I personally am calling Magewear. The concept of making mage themed outfits was inspired by a figurine I saw online of a really cool mage, and secondly the sim where I currently have been RP-ing as a mage.  Even though I’ll never get to wear this type of clothing due to the theme of the sim, which is more medieval than fantasy, I still thought the idea was cool!

If this were to be placed in some fantasy realm, West Gate would be the group of mages that were sexy but still a touch reserved. I chose boy shorts over bikini bottoms to sort of reflect this, as well as having the top and leggings show some skin but still yet cover things up a bit.  I also chose copper (shown above), purple, and teal as middle ground but still fun colors. Take a look in the outfits gallery on the fashion page to see the other two colors.

Also note that this is the very first outfit that is made to work best with the mesh version of my new prim boobs. The side buttons on the jacket tail are also mesh, so if you would like to see them correctly please use a mesh enabled viewer.

Happy spell casting and please be responsible with those growth potions!