So I’ve noticed the latest trend in shoe making has been prim feet, and some of the shoes that I’ve seen are absolutely gorgeous! BUT! My biggest issue with prim feet is simply this, what if you’re wearing stockings? Not that I have anything against them they do look nice, I personally am comfortable with my sl given fingers and toes, but will every shoe maker do the job of creating a million different color and style of stocking in various opacities? Sounds like a heck of a lot of work that few are willing to do. On the flip side of the coin, does that now mean that I have to limit my fashion choices to a specific set of stockings? Or not even consider stockings at all? This makes me think about prim boobs a bit with the limited choice in fashion, the MAJOR difference being that you are forced to have the prim item if you want the apparel.

I pose an idea to this…… an option to hide the prim feet. A simple clear png that makes the prim invisible just like applying a matching skin. Not only does that open up the shoes to an even wider base but it also eliminates the hassle of trying to match stockings, or even skin for those who don’t really care for prim feet. The shoe maker also doesn’t have to worry about making a ton of matching patterns and colors, and your clothing options are less limited. Now when you decide to go “Nair for short shorts” you turn the feet back on and your cute prim toes are there for the ogling .

Just my 2 cents because I miss shopping for gorgeous shoes and am tired of only seeing basic pumps for non-prim feet. =\