New Release: South Gate


Here is the next release of my “Magewear” series. South Gate is for all those saucy ladies that like to show off more than just their magical skills! The colors for this one are Shadow (black), Blood (red), and Lava (Red/Orange) My thinking for this is to have a naughty side to the mage theme.  Now to be clear, South Gate doesn’t necessarily mean evil, but you certainly wouldn’t find the goody two shoes wearing this one; or even hanging around for that matter for fear of “bad influence”. I tried to push a bit more detail in to this one in efforts to raise the bar a bit for myself, so I hope you all enjoy it!

PS:  If you’re having trouble filling the cups ….. I’m sure a South Gate mage would be glad to help lol!  A word of warning though, ask for HALF of what you actually want! They get carried away….. on purpose.  =o