New Dress and Great News!


Falls from 7000 feet, face plants on the ground, hops up on my feet and dusts off my dress*  “Whew, that was rough.”

So here I am with a new dress for you all FIIIINNNALY!  I know most of you are like “ABOUT DAMN TIME!” Well RL has this tenancy to grab, like a frenzied dog, or an alligator that doesn’t want to eat you but just taunt you and say “Ha ha I got you.” I haven’t gotten out of it all yet and am still struggling to finish a thesis project for school while trying balance some other things, including my SL fun.

OK so first the great news!  Starting with this outfit, I will now be supporting other prim boob makers. Some of you know I have been mulling on this from older posts and in truth, just from observation alone, the ICON brand of boobs is not very visible in the world of the well endowed. So I figure I probably shouldn’t hold back the clothing with this unfortunate weight as well.  Thanks to some very wonderful and helpful super programmers, my applier can now work with a huge number of  prim boobs. Including to super popular Lolas and Tangos!  For all you ICON fans and supporters fear not, I’ll still be selling my boobs AND in fact will have an update coming out very soon! If you want a clue as to what one of the new features will be…… just press the edit button on the card ^_^.

Note: Although many boobs are supported, I can’t guarantee perfect fitting on them all!

Corset Dress: Medi


The woes of the super busy woman in SL spans not only regions but time as well!  As you may or may not know I do RP in a medieval sim, and I’m always looking to “fit in” where ever my setting is. That said this dress is perfect for casually drifting about town and mingling with the commoners. Perhaps even to catch the eye of a palace guard or a nobleman. It comes in Red, purple, Green, and brown. (hmm these seem to be my favorite colors).