New Dress in Store now! Sheer Wasp Dress

Back to the modern age, and this time I came back with a bang! Well….. it was pretty loud to me, so I’m calling it a bang.  Here is my latest dress I call Sheer Wasp. My intent for it was to be revealing and amplifying at the same time. Sweeping curves bring out the bust and hips, yet it also narrows the waist. Large areas of sheer material add the eye candy for onlookers to ogle at. Did I mention it is also figure hugging? 3 sizes of mesh skirts are included for those who “got much back” or those who have plain Jane portions. As with all my clothing it can be worn with or with out the boobs. Be careful though, this dress packs a punch!


Medical warning: This dress MAY cause pain or discomfort as a result of restricted blood flow and swelling in certain organs. Symptoms include frustration, discharge of white fluids and muscle fatigue. In severe cases, there can also be tunnel carpel or repeated stress injury accompanied by highly agitated skin and slight dehydration.

On a side note, it seems the settings for the other boob brands in my last release was borked.  So I will be going back and fixing that one. But this one should be ok. Do let me know if errors arise as this function is still quite new.