And Then Reality Hits You in the Face

I am sad *sighs*. So as I looked deeper into the idea of making clothing for other boobs, my plan has hit a wall. After consulting with another clothing maker it seems that to really make decent matching tops for other boobs you really have to make separate tops for each and every single one of them, one texture doesn’t sit well with them all. And they even showed me the differences. All I can say is wow.

Now on the surface this may not be a bad thing for those who have the time, I unfortunately don’t. Some of you who me, know me also know that not only is my plate usually full of stuff but that I have MORE than one plate full for stuff lol ( that was sarcastic laughter cause in reality it stresses me out). HAPPY FACE!

Anyway. It does kind of sadden me at the moment that I can’t do this and I hate moving forward then moving back. So until life in general allows for the time to chase this project and do a million and one tops, I’ll have to stick to just mine for now. With any luck I may be able to find a middle ground, I don’t know. *sighs*.


On another note:

It has been brought to may attention that the default size of my boobs scare people off ┬álol, so in my next release you will notice a significant change in size. Fear not!! You can still make the boobs as big as you want OR even smaller to suit your av/taste. Just for marketing purposes I don’t want to be the scary one running people off =O. If your worrying about clothing fit with the new size, again, don’t worry things should still fit!

And that is all for the News!