Rigged / Fitted mesh

Woot! so here we are again back in the research lab trying to figure out what the Lindens have done. Since the brought out mesh SL has been flipped on it’s head will all kinds of great stuff.  Unfortunately, mesh clothes fell off the greatness truck. So now e have fitted mesh and it is looking to be promising. I Dled a copy of Blender 2.7 and the most recent .blend file with all kinds of fixed issues. after some tinkering I have come up with a ………….half fitted skirt. LOL

The potential is there but it needs work. I can see the big trouble spots will be the booty and hips mostly. perhaps some other areas as well as you go into extreme body sizes. although do keep in mind that I’m just starting and I don’t have Avastar. In fact I don’t think they have a release of that for 2.7 yet. BUT….. the skirt does work and it does morph with the body, just not as good as it should I’m assuming. The developer community is hot on it though and some people are going deep into the nuts and bolts of it. So I think what comes of it should be pretty interesting we will see.


I’ve need to be more vocal. I’m sure some think I’ve all but vanished. but I’m around. Still Rping Still making things, still dealing with some PIA things IRL ( you know how that goes. )  I’ve also taken to flying around sl a bit more. perhaps more on that at a later date. I was trying to do snow boarding for winter but damnit there are no good sims to board it seems.  Wack.

Anyways more news next time. and I’ll try to blab more about my dealings. lol