Newly Updated: Button Up Dress Shirt

A dress shirt that skates the line between dressy and OMG I’m busty. If your looking for the unique and definitive look of “button popping” without being all out there, this is it. The tie pattern is changeable between plain, stripes, edge, and single edge stripe. Using preset colors, you can also change the base or trim color of the tie. Just click on either the tie or collar. 3 versions of the tie are included to accommodate for bust size and is also mod.


NOTE: Like a real shirt, the larger busts will stretch more, where as the regular avatar shirt will fit like a proper shirt.


Other News:

So As you can see I am changing the format of my product images. This unfortunately means that my in world vendors are going to look screwy for a while. I’ll be essentially refreshing my entire clothing line and getting it all caught up with new technologies and such where needed. This means┬áreplacing sculpts with mesh, rigged mesh, or fitted mesh on certain outfits. It will be a very long, tedious and hair pulling process So please bear with me.