Update For Bra Busters Boobs to v10.10

Hello from faraway land! Yes I know I’ve been sort of missing from the busty scene for a long time. I’m still caught up in the depths of RP, RL, and other things, so I do apologize.

Ok about the new update. First thing to mention is that I am aware that people keep getting multiples of the same updates. The reason for this because of a version numbering issue in the boobs. It’s version 10.9 going to version 10.10, and most computers read .9 as .90 so it thinks it’s going from ver 10.90 to ver 10.10.  To overcome it I had to play with numbers which is messing with things. I’ll be fixing this soon and sending out another update to just bring it up to ver 11. That said, I’ll be looking for a fashion model for the new version number. Send a notecard to me (icon.allen) if you’re interested.

The next issue is texturing. Sooooo, SL is broken and it should come as no surprise. The way in which they are handling materials texturing isn’t in real time as it should be. The scripting in the boobs is fine, it’s the viewer that isn’t refreshing. So what will happen in some cases is when you change tops you may get a weird white area where there should be transparency. On other cases when you change the gloss level on the boobs using the oil hud, nothing happens.  As far as the SL server is concerned the script it did it’s job, but your viewer didn’t get the update.  All you need to do is take the boobs off and put them back on, this will force the viewer to update the appearance of the object. It’s a pain, but I don’t have control over how the viewer behaves. I’ll be testing to see if there is a work around or if this is really just an SL dead end.

Thank you to those who are still supporting me and my boobs you’re patience really is appreciated!