SL Breast Enhancement

Written By: Icon Allen

Bra Busters Advertisement poster “Bra Busters” is the most powerful breast enlarging supplement ever created!  No surgery or funny contraptions needed.  This Chest Swelling formula is a powerful combination of mammerol (Tri-Estradiol Progesterate) growth hormones and Lactalin (ampliolactilayse), the milk inducing hormone!  All the ingredients have been refined to near 100% purity and thus will guarantee unbelievably massive  breast growth to the absolute limit that your boobs can possibly reach! Also with this new and super potent formula, your boobs will produce more milk than you could ever imagine!

The “Bra Busters” nutrient pack contains one large container of supplements as well as a shirt and bra should you have a clothing emergency after your girls have grown.

Technical SL stuff:
Prim boobs are (in most cases) sculpted or meshed prims that are attached to the avatar body.   There are some women in SL, I being one of them,  that prefer boobs that are much bigger than what the standard avatar provides.  In addition  to size the aesthetics of prim boobs become more appealing as boobs get bigger. This is because the standard avatar doesn’t have the geometry to facilitate extreme sizes and will end up looking jagged and blocky.


The features of  the Icon prim boobs are as follows:
Ability to grow and shrink
Lactation from either a slow drip to heavy spray
Changeable shirt/bra/breast texture
Changeable shirt/bra/breast color
Minimal clipping from distant camera viewing
Menu driven (No Hud needed)