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An Update for the Update

Written By: Icon Allen - Aug• 26•14

Bugs bugs bugs, you fix them and more pop up. So, another update is needed. But this one is a bit different. Rather than sending out all new boobs, I’ve simply just sent out updaters with an an extra script. To do this update, rez the boobs on the ground and simply drag the included update script onto them. This is only needed because the update script in 10.5 broke again. So the new script will fix that. Then, just wear the injection unit and follow what it says. *whew*. My sincere apologies to any this may inconvenience but it’s just part of the process. Things break,  buttons don’t get clicked and settings don’t get set and you’ll never know unless someone points it out.

In other news, while I was updating one of my stores I came across a vendor named Gatherings Designs (GD). There was one dress in particular that caught my eye. As I took a closer look I saw that the dress didn’t have support for my boobs but since it had tangos support ……… I decided to be bold. So I bought it!



Using the tailoring tool alone I fiddled with it a bit and I must say…….. I’m  pleased! The only thing is that when you first start clicking with the tool the texture flies out of shape cause it doesn’t know the settings for the tango tops. I plan on seeing if I can implement something to get around that in some way. But Still I have to say I’m happy.



And so another wonderful dress is added to the wardrobe ……..