Graphic Artist by day, and creative person by night. I've been in the SL boobs scene for quite some time. Long enough to remember it's beginnings.  Some may question why don't I make more "sexy" clothing for boobs. My answer to that is simply this: just because your busty doesn't mean you have to always dress like a slut. So I try to make clothing that has a balance of stylish, teasing and/or sexy.  Some items may be more on the sexy side and some vice versa but it's a wide enough range that people of various tastes can enjoy.

As far as the boobs go.  I can only speak for my product, but honestly I don't like to call them implants at all. I prefer to think of them as 100% natural, much the same as the prim hair on my head.  The Idea is that it’s a package of supplements you take which makes your boobs get really really HUGE.  And it's through the amazing wonders of science they don't end up by my knees. Now of course since SL is a place of imagination there can be various twists on this theme be it magic, potions, wishes, sci-fi, genetics or what ever. But the end result is that the boobs are big and are as much yours as your foot is. Not implants.


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Don't ya hate it when you you wanna chat with your close friends but none of them are available? =(

I walked up to this building but clicked the door before I reached. I swear it felt like some kind of twisted version of Alice in Wonderland and the sim music TOTALY pushed that vibe. Walk into a dream....#SecondLife https://t.co/Wg8woxXXuI

And apparently I wasn't wrong...... there is a map of underwater stuff. Will need to Explore! *queue National Geographic music* #SecondLife https://t.co/bx5y65kIAz

There's an under water Chariot track in the Blake Sea???? They seriously hide stuff under here!! #SecondLife https://t.co/2UfA3ITZSu

The last party of the year! 2018 has been one very interesting year both good and bad.I've learned somethings, overcome fears, met new people and loved myself more. Happy new year to you all and I hope 20190 brings good thigns! #SecondLife https://t.co/cjanOOemW7

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