AK! It’s everywhere! New Semen Layer

So I was requested by someone for this top and I figured hey… why not put it up for sale?  So here it is, a semen layer for your boobs to add the visual of VERY messy fun. The pack contains two versions, one for breast sex and one for some all out splattery pleasure.

As you can see from the images below………… I’m not in it LOL. Nuuuuu, sorry to disappoint but I was not going to model that XD!  Also, unfortunately because of the very adult nature of this, I may not be able to put it up in my main store as the sim it’s on is not rated adult.




As of writing this it is already up in the market place, but please note this item is only for ICON boobs only. It is using the bra layer which is super duper different for every pair of boobs out there. And lastly.. for this top to show correctly it is advised you update to version 10.8 which is also out. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/ICON-clothes-Semen-Splash/6607539

Fear not, it’s an easy update, unless you don’t like needles. =o


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