Coming Home

This has been long over due.  Some big things have happened and I must journey back to the beginning of this road. I’ve heard rumors and whispering about those now gone and I’d like to let you all know I’m not dead. At least not yet.  Unfortunately, because of said big happenings, I’m basically starting over.

So …… what does this mean? Well let me run through what’s going to happen, starting with the glaringly obvious. For years I’ve been using the HippoVend system to do my in world transactions. It was a decent system to use and it did what I needed it to do. As some may know, they unfortunately went belly up and I’m now having to switch vendors. This decision has already been made and I’m going with the Caspervend system. That’s the good part, the bad part is that the update system in the boobs isn’t going to carry over, there are no re-delivery systems, and there are no sales records. The last part is the one that absolutely hurts the most. So I’m going to have a hell of a lot of work in front of me.

Next, yes new boobs. I’ve completely re-meshed the shirt and bra from scratch in order to make the UV’s more organized and to better align texture matching between the avatar and the shirt/bra layers. I’ve re-UV’ed the breasts themselves to also make texturing easier, especially for making pasties or tattoos. Which means, yes…………. I’m adding a tattoo layer. The breasts will have the same shape as they always have it’s just a hopefully better UV. The re-meshing should also make the seam a lot less visible at the bottom as well as bringing all the parts together for a tighter more precise fit. 

Lastly, outfit updates. The mesh body revolution is upon us, or maybe past us by now, and my clothing needs to be updated for mesh bodies. I’m probably not going to have it for every single body brand out there but they will be Omega compatible. So if your body supports the Omega system, you’ll be fine. This however is a forked road being that Linden Labs is now working on a means of applying system clothing to mesh bodies. This is going to have a huge impact on clothing makers as it could be that appliers will no longer be needed. However, in the prim breasts community, I feel this could be a two edged sword as there will be less clothing with appliers.

Lolas and the more “normal” sized prim breasts are pretty much out the door since mesh bodies can easily reach F to G cup sizes and still look good. Mesh clothing will auto fit and texture clothing just….applies. So if  appliers will no longer be needed less people will include them. Where does this leave prim boobs? Especially prim boobs with multiple layers. Baked textures, as awesome as they may be,  just don’t really work that well unless you want plastic wrapped tops, #impossibleclothing. On the flip side, a stretched and cropped t-shirt that includes your skin texture will certainly hail back to the days of  low poly textured boobs were there was zero definition #EarlyLaraCroft.

Anyway, I’ve decided to take the route of keeping the layers and offering an applier. We’ll see how it goes when LL deploys this new feature. *SIGH!* All these things said, I have a ton of work to do, and will do. But I’ve taken the mind set that I’m basically starting over from scratch cause eeeeeeeeverything needs work. So I ask you all to please bear with me and have patience while I build this house again.