Driving the long roads

So after finally building my own car in SL ( mesh SUV really) I felt compelled to take to the roads to feel that pride of being the brainy hot girl with an “expensive” car. The roads of SL are still the same as they used to be. The never ending suspense of sim crossings, the occasional stranger, the derision of where to go, and where to rez a vehicle.

This time around however, I ended up with a hitch hiker and I thought to myself “must remember to put in ejector seats.” I found myself feeling the fear of being griefed and harassed, but shortly after  I realized, ….. what am I worrying for? So what if this person decided to hitch a ride? I’m the driver, they are at the mercy of where I decide to go. And if I don’t like them? Stop, delete the car, and leave. They can’t hurt me because we are all invincible in SL and if they ask for friendship, I have the power to say no. Essentially I still have control of my situation so why should I feel violated and/or made to feel victimized?

With this in mind I kept on going with my acquired passenger and it turned out to be just fine, even with some light conversation. She said she was just following the road to see where it took her and to meet people. Not one single comment about my breasts. When she found somewhere she was familiar with she hopped out and said thank you for the ride. An interesting expericence that I think has changed my outlook a bit about the roads and the hitch hikers that wander the empty planes of SL.

Speaking on the empty planes, it’s amazing to see how empty SL can be in some areas. As I drive pass large expanses of empty land and buildings that truly looked VERY noobish I thought ” Is the majority of SL on small islands?” Considering how many of these islands there are, (Have you seeeen the map? My goodness) you could put all of them together and make a continent bigger than the ones already there

My Journey finally came to an end at a very opportune place, A gas station with a carwash!!


Looks like they don't take SL Express Diamond cards at the pump.
Don't scratch my paint!!













I think this experience will only get better with time as the Lindens figure ways to speed things up. I will say It was nice to drive around and explore again. I may see about doing it more often.