Years ago during my humble beginnings in Second Life, there weren't many clothing options for the extremely well endowed women of SL. I decided to put my skills to use and aid in filling this hole. All of the items I make are standard avatar friendly clothes but are also inclusive of those who choose to be much bigger than the average Jane. This was and still is the case.

Some may question why don't I make more "sexy" clothing for boobs. My answer to that is simply this: just because you're busty, doesn't mean you have to always dress like you're trying to be naked. So I try to make clothing that has a balance of stylish, teasing and/or sexy. Some items may be more on the sexy side and some vice versa but it's a wide enough range that people of various tastes can enjoy.


Newly Updated: Blossom Tee


A simple and basic tee for when you just want to relax and not fuss about fashion. Great for casual romping around SL or for laying on the couch at home.  As you can see this is a full cover shirt so sizing issues should be minimal.  Enjoy!