OMG WHAT IS THAT?? …….. Why, It’s an update!

So here it is!!!!!! The long awaited update to my Bra Busters mesh breasts, Version 10! I’m not sure if I explained in my previous posts that I was trying to finish my masters degree, but it is DONE! So with school out of the way I have been putting in some work to get life back to some semblance of normal.  I’ve been working on the new boobs, fixing and improving etc etc.

So what exactly has changed? Well for starters the long awaited on the fly texture adjustment. Sad to say I’ve had the system implemented since 9.3 but….. 9.3 never got released and that was probably about a year ago. So now it is in and your tops are suddenly easier to wear regardless of your bust size. Well at least that’s the thought behind it.

I’ve implemented an update system that now will allow the boobs to but updated if it’s just script changes. This should save some people the work of readjusting their boobs after an upgrade. Again, this is if it’s just script changes. Also a bug where public use of the boobs by others was fixed.

Support for more brands has been added. Now they can wear clothing for Universals, eBoobs, Vstrings ……….and………..Lolas: Tangos!  Combined with the on the fly texture adjustment, even tangos tops can fit pretty darn Well! Of course it’s not perfect, as nothing in SL ever is, but I have to say I’m really satisfied!!

Lastly, now with script support for the new materials system in SL. your boobs can be all shiny and glossy at very naughty parties, club events or at the beach. This also now allows for more advanced texturing. As such, this version of breasts now has bumps and texture on the areolas and nipples as there should be. This of course does open up other possibilities yet to be known. You need to have advanced lighting turned on to see this though.

WHEW! lots of work done! But this now brings me to the very sad news =(. Over the years I’ve been selling my boobs at an incredibly super low price even with the amount of work that goes into them. That said, I have decided to raise the price to compensate for the amount of effort that has gone into them.  So what’s going to be the hit? Well what was 500, is now 900.  A little bit ouchie but not tooooo to bad I don’t think.

Sooooooo that’s the news of the season!!! WOOT! I know a ton of you must be like OMG final-friking-ly!

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