Breast Enhancement Products

As with any video game that has female characters, the aesthetic of breasts is one of the first things that get's tinkered with the most. And guaranteed many will push to see how far that slider goes.  In the earlier days of Second Life the standard avatar was all players had to work with and pushing that slider up most often resulted in blocky boobs. So some very clever people found many clever ways to make large breasts look more appealing. Enter... prims. If you don't know already, a prim is a basic geometric object in SL used for building before mesh was introduced. Hence how the name prim boobs came about.

Prim boobs,  or now sometimes called implants, are sculpted or meshed objects that are attached to the avatar body in the same manner as anything else you wear. With the introduction of much higher detailed mesh bodies made by creators, avatars can have exceptionally large breasts that are smooth and aesthetically pleasing. However there are some women in SL, I being one of them,  that prefer having breasts that are extraordinarily bigger than what the standard avatar or popular mesh bodies provide.

From since the days of sculptable prims, I have offered my unique look to the busty community to help provide more options for those who wish to live the busty life-style in SL. And with the advent of Mesh, I continue to refine and improve where I am able or capable.

My Products

Bra Busters

Bra Busters is the most powerful breast enlarging supplement ever created!  No surgery or funny contraptions needed.  This Chest Swelling formula is a powerful combination of mammerol (Tri-Estradiol Progesterate) growth hormones and Lactalin (ampliolactilayse), the milk inducing hormone!  All the ingredients have been refined to near 100% purity and thus will guarantee unbelievably massive  growth to the absolute limit that your breasts can possibly handle! Also with this new and super potent formula, your breasts will produce more milk than you could ever imagine!

The "Bra Busters" nutrient pack contains one large container of supplements as well as a t-shirt and bikini should you have a clothing emergency after your girls have grown.


  • Ability to grow and shrink
  • Lactation from either a slow drip to heavy spray
  • Changeable shirt/bra/tattoo/breast texture
  • Changeable shirt/bra/tattoo/breast color
  • Materials support


  • Minimal clipping from distant camera viewing!!
  • Close fitting layers ( no floaty tops)
  • Inside texturing (for when looking down clevage)
  • Menu driven* (No Hud needed)
  • Compatible with Omega based appliers!

*Note an additional hud is included for making adjustments to textures, color, and gloss if needed.