Skirts:The thorn in SL fashion.

So as any clothing designer knows, skirts in SL are horrible. They were created by some cynical and moral destroying creature that lives on a developers computer.  Nothing but complete frustration is felt when you design a gorgeous form fitting dress, only to realize a prim skirt won’t work for the look you want.  As far as said prim skirts go, you have only two options, short and tight or long and flowing. If neither of those options are what you want then……….. you have to use the SL skirt *Cue lightning and scary music*.

But there is hope!!!  Here is a glimpse of the future and the awesomeness called MESH!

Default SL Skirt
SL skirt

This is a dress that I wanted to release quite a while ago but was totally disappointed by the skirt, so I never did. If I’m not moderately pleased with something I make I’d feel bad releasing it. This dress is supposed to be full length and completely form fitting, but as you can see it’s not.  And as usual, there is the issue with having to flatten my behind for it to even look decent.

Rigged Mesh Prim skirt

Here is that very same dress with a rigged mesh prim skirt.  This is essentially the same thing as wearing a prim skirt, just way more advanced. The Skirt deforms to the legs no matter what position I’m in, and when I sit I don’t look like I have a tube sticking out my ass!!  In usual SL fashion trickery, what I’ve done is let my own avatar define the tight shape of the dress with the pants layer and the mesh just fills in the space between the legs. In addition to these wonderful benefits is how the mesh moves; there is no harsh split between the two sides to make them look like over sized coolots! If you’ve done poofy SL skirts and tried to walk in it you know exactly what I mean.

MESH!!! I can’t wait!

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  1. Melissa Yeuxdoux
    January 8, 2011

    OK… now I really can’t wait for mesh to arrive in the grid for all of us. Lovely work!


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