To Explore New Worlds and New Frontiers

So I decided to experiment and take a look into another virtual world called Avination; my overall response is that it has potential. It’s setup is pretty much just like second life, just with a ton less people. I’ll not make mention of speed because it’s certainly not under the load SL is under so it wouldn’t be a fair comparison. Right now content isn’t as robust also cause of the lack of people, so getting that right look might be a challenge. On that note I will say this, and not to sound rude,  unless you are a white woman or person of fair skinned decent…… you will have a hard time finding skins. In total I think I found 4 skins to use as a black woman aside from the default I chose. Two of which I did not like and 1 which I would say is boarder line before just being considered tanned.

I still need to find glasses, I'm blind. @_<

Drow and other races? Don’t get your hopes up. I’m quite sure that as popularity increases this will change.

Now for the biggest draw of this place…. Full sims for $60 USD a month. I will say that was the biggest draw for me to check this out. Sure there are places like Inworldz, but their home page tells me absolutely nothing about the place. Not even a picture so see what it looks like. I feel like I’d be setting my self up for disappointment. Avination at least has something to show on a website. In all honestly I’ve always wanted to design my own sim, in particular a busty related sim, and at $60 a month it would be much more feasible than SL’s $300. Also, there is no setup fee. Naturally my mind envisions large RP communities springing up with such a low cost. And if I may let my mind venture farther, a large busty community that can spread over multiple connected sims. To aid the building process of such an endeavor, you have the power of mega prims right at the tip of your mouse pointer!

Don't ask how big it is cause I don't know. It's just big, and I made it.

Instead of lindens basic damage system Avination instead uses the CCS combat system. This for me is interesting but “eh” at the same time because I can’t stand the animations of most CCS weapons. It is nice however to see my stats carry over.You do however still need to wear the hud and meter, and it’s only in sims with combat enabled. I believe the combat system is $15 USD /mo to install in a sim vs $40 USD in SL. For those that have done this in SL, I don’t know  if this is true or not so correct me on the numbers if I’m wrong.

Your health info is displayed as part of your normal name tag.

And speaking of carrying over, supposedly you can transfer your inventory items over as long as you have full permission to it. I don’t know to what extent this goes however. For example if an object has custom scripts, do those get transferred too? I took the simple route of just rebuilding my boobs quickly with the standard upload of 10L … I mean 10C (although it says L on everything you buy lol). You can also carry over your name and transfer your money from Second Life. A quick procedure will get your avatars linked so that you can easily transfer money.

So far the down sides I’ve seen are lack of content (which is understandable), lack of places to go (which hasn’t been fully researched thoroughly) and a strange glitch when manually resizing my boobs on myself. Oh and multiple-attachments / multiple- clothing don’t seem to be supported as of yet.

I’m tempted…… I’m very tempted.  More on this as I find other interesting tidbits.

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