Update – Jan 2019

Ok, so if you haven’t already noticed, my site has completely changed in appearance. In the process of rebuilding I have also decided to rebrand my store a bit. When I first started my store in SL I had no real look or aesthetic that I wanted it to follow. I had a simple logo and a simple look. I’ve learned a lot since those days both in a graphical sense and in how my store has flourished. I feel the new name makes sense given, well…. my name, and that “iconic” is definitely a proper description when sporting a chest as big as what mesh breasts offer.

I’ve been busting my butt to get the breasts up to date scripting wise and redid the mesh completely. I’ve now also included a tattoo layer and ALL the layers (Shirt, Bra, Tattoo, Breasts) have both mine and Omega UV mapped parts. Yes this bumps up the LI to almost double but I feel it’s worth it to expand the functionality. So now you can use your own favorite Omega compatible skin and have it apply right to the breasts! For tattoos, your Omega tattoo will need to be able to apply to the bra layer. You will then be prompted to select if you want the bra or tattoo layer of the breasts. No new features have been added beyond that, although I do have one tiny thing in mind. I’m not sure if I’m going to add it though.

The texture edit card has also gotten an upgrade. There will no longer be a separate “oil” applier for skin shine as that function has now been integrated into the main edit card. The layer select buttons now remember what their last used settings were PER LAYER. This means whatever you do will be remembered on the active button.

I’m trying to finalize the packaging art and content at the moment, and once those are done I can gladly say the breasts are updated and ready. Also, no more instruction books. From now on the instructions will be on my site located …here… and can be easily accessed from the “Breast Enhancement Products” page.

I’m debating if I should just run through and just update the clothing as is, then come around to tweak things (super fast to start) … OR…take the time to figure out the things I want to do and update from there (super slow all around). I’ll decide this once I can call the breasts done.

Oh yea….. and I’ll have to rebrand my stores as well.


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