Version 8

It’s a slow process trying to get a bunch of store related things together.  I’m hoping to have my products up on the SL Marketplace soon, and I’m also preparing to release version 8 of my prim boobs. *GASP* The cat is out the bag!  I’m not going to mention what’s in store, till it’s in the store =p. But there will be one or two things to make life easier for some people.  Or at least I hope.

In other news:
I’ve been doing some traveling in SL and have taken a small liking to flying.  To my surprise there are a ton of airports that you can actually fly too! There is even a traffic controller on hand for those that want the full RP experience ( along with the usual list of RP rules).  It’s a very active pastime it seems, as I’ve seen many different kinds of planes and passenger jets come and go.

Now, they say when flying in SL you should wear as few attachments as possible, but I was certainly NOT chopping of my breasts! So with a small level of nervousness and a lot of defiance I set to the SL skies with the goal of being one of the few and proud busty pilots. My bust and I challenged the restraints of  sim crossings and surprisingly …..  I didn’t crash or get sent to the infinite abyss!  I know SL won’t let that go with out punishment, so I expect to crash every so often. But so far … I like.


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  1. Kaseido Quandry
    April 17, 2011

    What a treat to meet you tonight! If you ever want a copilot in the friendly skies, just give me a call 🙂


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