New Release: Leather Winter Coat


As usual, necessity is the mother of invention.  As winter approached around many sims I realized it might be nice to have a coat. Something soft and comfy to keep off the cold while still looking looking casual.  So here it is, a nice leather coat for everyone big or small. I made this coat as a side button coat in order to give that wrapped in a blanket feel. I also left the chest area open  to make things simple design wise so it would be a true coat that goes over and not replace. This way you can leave what ever you have on and still bundle up to give that custom winter look. Naturally since it is winter, the coat is meant to be worn with warm under layers like sweaters and such. If you should however feel the need to go bare breasted, you can do so with comfort and still be warm! The Coat comes in 4 colors Rose, Purple, Red, and Brown